Dr. Irina Sadovnikova: Cat colour genetics. 4 lessons.

Организатор: On-Line Seminar
Место проведения: Россия, Москва
Начало в: 14:00 (GMT+3)

О выставке

"Cat colour genetics".

Dr. Irina Sadovnikova, WCF AB judge

30.05.2020. Part 1. Colours, pigments, mutations.

Pigment production: from neural tube to skin and organs; melanin synthesis.

Locus B, Locus D. Recessive mutations and their influence on colours.

Locus W. Epistasis. Pleiotropy. Change of ideas about white and white spotting.

Locus C. Multiple alleles.Albinism.

Locus О. Sex linkage. Torties.Colours and codes.

Locus A. Agouti of domestic and wild cats.

31.05.2020. Part 2. Recent developments in cat colour genetics.

Locus Тi, Locus Т. Ticking and tabby pattern, gene interaction. Spotted pattern. Additional effects: glitter, satin, grizzle.

Locus E. Amber, russet, serdolic/carnelian. Colours and codes.

Dilute modifier: posited locus Dm. Caramel and apricot in different registries.

06.06.2020. Part 3. Colours of unproven or unknown origin. "Impossible" colours.

Silver, golden, sunshine. Posited loci I, Wb and others. Classical silver and golden and their development. Pale golden.

New colours in the process of introduction: mocha and karpati.

Mosaicism, chimeras, male torties.

Eye colours.

07.06.2020. Part 4. Solving colour problems: practice.

Determining genotype by phenotype and vice versa.

Confirming pedigrees: possible or impossible?

Choosing suitable matings.

Predicting colours of progeny.

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