Организатор: Oslo Rasekattklubb
Место проведения: Норвегия, Drammen , Solberghallen - Solberg Sport and Cultural Centre, Gamle Riksvei 102A, 3057 Solbergelva
Категория: I категория
Начало в: 09:00 am. Veterinary control on 08.09.2018 from 07:00 to 09:00 am

О выставке

Oslo Rasekattklubb invites you to the International Cat Shows on 8 and 9 September 2018


Venue: Solberg Sport and Cultural centre, Gamle Riksvei 102A, 3057 Solbergelva.


Thomas Andersen, Denmark AB, WCF

Tomas Balchiunas, Lithuania, AB, WCF

Natalia Rozkova, Estonia, AB, WCF

Helen Shevchenko, Russia, AB, WCF guest.

We reserve the right to change/to add judges. Secretaries of respective clubs will be notified.

Show Ring: It requires minimum 15 cats of the following breeds, to held the Show Ring: Scottish Fold SH and LH, Scottish Straight SH and LH, British SH and LH.

How to get there:

  • From Oslo Airport Gardermoen: Express train (Flytoget) to Drammen station and further with public transport or Taxi.
  • From Sandefjord Airport Torp: Train or bus to Drammen and further with public transport or Taxi.
  • From Sweden:
    • Ferry Strømstad-Sandefjord
    • Ferry Moss - Horten, Tel + 47 33 03 17 40
    • Oslofjordtunnelen - Buskerud E 23. When you arrive to Drammen follow direction Kongsberg - highway 283. Follow further direction to Solbergelva and the Sports hall.

Veterinary control: Saturday 8 September 2018 from 7.00 am to 9.00 am.

Fees per day:

  • NOK 350 for the first cat
  • NOK 200 for each next cat above the first, from the same household
  • NOK 50 for accompanying cat
  • WCF rings: NOK 100 per cat, payable upon ring-registration at the exhibition

Registration: Online registration at <a href="http://www.catshow.orkk.no" rel="nofollow">www.catshow.orkk.no</a>, or registration form via e-mail.

Your application should be at your Club's Secretary within 15 August 2018.

Remember that the exhibitors are responsible for reporting any new Title Certificate or class changes to ORKK's Exhibition secretary.
Mail: <a href="mailto:Catshow@orkk.no">Catshow@orkk.no</a>.


The registration is binding. Withdraw from the exhibition before 15 August, the exhibitor will not be charged. Norwegian exhibitors are requested to pay within two weeks before the exhibition. Swedish exhibitors shall pay in NOK. The payment may be done upon arrival.

Account 1503 45 27749 Ref. Anne Hoffsbakken, Åsvegen 342, 2033 Åsgreina.

Foreign exhibitors who want to pay in advance use (IBAN) NO43 1503 4527 749 BIC (Swift Address) DNBANOKKXXX. Please add the bank fee for the transaction to cover the transaction cost.

Assistant/Judge Student: If you would like to be an assistant or a judge student, please provide this on the registration form.

ADs: AD in the catalogue costs NOK 150 for a full page and NOK 75 for half a page. Please send the AD with the registration to the exhibition.

Vaccination: Cats older than 3 months must be vaccinated against cat plague no later than 14 days before the exhibition. In case of re-vaccination, no later than 1 day before the exhibition. Remember to bring the pedigree, vaccination certificate. All cats must be ID marked. Hearing Certificate of White cats are required.


Drammen Camping ref. Trond Waksvik, phone: + 47 32 82 17 98, mobile + 47 92 22 10 32

Comfort Hotel Tollboden, + 47 32 80 51 00

Hokksund Båt & Camping, + 47 32 75 42 42, http://www.hokksund-camping.no/

First Hotell Ambassadeur, + 47 31 01 21 00

Hokksund Hotel, + 47 32 25 05 50

Storaas Gjestegaard, Kongsberg, + 47 32 77 13 00

Høvik Overnatting, Stroem Terr. 9, 3046 Drammen, + 47 32 89 43 22, email: Post@hoevik.no

Important Phone numbers: not on weekends!

Anne Hoffsbakken + 47 959 20 360, email:godis2@online.no

Wibekke Berge + 47 957 68 062, email: Wibekke_berge@yahoo.no

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